SUZART is Suzanne Anderson. Suzanne is an experienced designer and instructor, having worked in the fashion industry for 38 years. Suzanne brings 3 generations of couturier design and industrial experience to her work. Using unexpected finishes, flawless execution and an intimate knowledge of fabrics, she merges old school with new to create a look that is uniquely SUZART.

"I was raised around fashion. My grandmother was a milliner and owned her own store. From an early age I was introduced to beautiful fabrics. I'm always on the quest to recreate the drape and elegance of those garments I remember from my childhood."

Michelangelo once said, when asked how he sculpted his masterpieces, "It's simple – I take the block of marble and remove everything that's not the statue." Like Michelangelo, Suzanne takes a fabric and lets the medium take her where it will.

Many designers may owe their inspirations to "Asian cultures" or "theatrical costumes" or "Victorian England." Suzanne's inspirations come from the fabric itself. She may take the selvage (that manufactured edge of a bolt of fabric most designers cut off and discard) and let that unique industrialized edge be her playground. She may find non-traditional uses for fabrics – using sheer fabrics with a wool coat pattern. She may interpret in non-traditional designs – asymmetry is a SUZART hallmark. All her creations are going to have that "SUZART edge."

"Manipulating the drape of a fabric to maximize its qualities into a design is how I work the fabric's strengths to actualize my visions."

You can always expect unique details in Suzanne's designs.

"How you finish a garment can be what makes it 'pop.' A unique button, an unexpected color combination, a silk lining reminiscent of a contemporary painting punctuating the look of what would otherwise be a very predictable garment. These are the things that make people notice you."